Why is behaviour important

In this day and age it has become an increasingly important that firms focus on being socially “better behaved.” This has been summated with the term “Corporate Social Responsibility” being coined. Businesses are now more and more focusing on the care of their clients and even more so on their employees and workforces.

CSR definition

A wide array of definitions have been developed and given but with little consensus. Part of the problem with definitions arises because of the different interests represented by “Corporate Social responsibilities.” However the two most agreed definition are“ an economical investment", often favoured by the business man or “as voluntary regulations” favoured in the case by the government. I personally believe that it encompasses a perfect harmonization of both definitions working together.

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The change to being a CSR and what it means

Over the last 20–30 years many companies and factions have been converting into a CSR organization. As I have already mentioned this stands for “Corporate Social Responsibilities.” The goal of being a CSR is to bring together, Economical progress, social justice, environmental preservation and world piece. To become a good CSR company, corporations must follow as closely to these criteria as possible. By doing this accompany can also be sure that their economic growth is benefiting everyone for the greater good of the wider population. Depending on what sector of the industry a certain business is in there will be different challenges for them. Being a CSR also means that a company must engage in ethical business practices whilst still complying with all rules, laws and regulations. CSR has become a recognised performance driver as it reduces cost, damage and bring global companies together.

This above information was collated from one source, so I have added the link to the sight of origin for the video. You can then watch the full video in your own time if you wish. It promises to be interesting and will broaden your understand in of how to run a globally friendly and economically profitable company in the future.

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Criteria for a CSR Business

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1) A business aims to contribute to societal goals

2) To act with charitable nature and engaging in supporting volunteering practices.

3) A business aims to for fill proper business ethics

4) A business aims to act with the environment in mind at all times

5) To act with dignity and grace to all who are employed by said business and all who use or purchase services from said business.

6) A business aims to maximise economic growth without the detriment to the environment

7) A business aims to promote social justic

My chosen business

Why is Servier a good CSR ?

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I have chosen Servier as my company to look at for this Blog as Servier is overall strives to benefit the greatest number of people with economical and technological advancement with in and around their company. Due to the challenges that Servier faces it had to adapted accordingly. It did! Now it has become a leading CSR in the world. What does the company actually do to achieve being a great CSR company. Servier brings together in perfect harmony, Economical progress, social justice and environmental preservation of the world. This allows Servier to benefit everyone from its employs to its stakeholder monetary and nonmonetary ones. Servier cares for the wellbeing of all staff and clients whilst also reducing damage on nature and the environment as a whole. Servier also is extremely ethical in their business practices. This means that Servier takes extra care in reducing the impact on the local environment around and in their production sites. They also choose les polluting modes of transports to ship their goods to dispensers and clientele.

How is Servier socially responsible?

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Servier is specifically socially responsible as it offers as many people as possible safe and quality medicines. Servier also takes into account the specific requirements for each and every one of their patients at the beginning and right through heir healthcare periods. Servier is also religiously compliant will all laws in the healthcare industry so that they can stay helping their clients to the fullest. Server is also responsible as the ambition of Servier is to contribute to making an economically efficient, socially equitable and environmentally friendly developments within the world of healthcare and with the wider economy. Servier also states that due to the involvement as a CSR their company works better with its customers and is able to help and treat more people efficiently and effectively. Being a CSR also creates a great work ethic will all employees at all levels according to Servier.

This above information was collated from one source, so I have added the link to the sight of origin for the video. You can then watch the full video in your own time if you wish.

Link to the YouTube video

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Once again it has come to that time of the blog. The End of Day 10. This is a very interesting branch of the economic. I would say it focuses more on the ethics and humanitarian side of economics. I hope that you found this blog as interesting as I did making it and I would like you to think about how, if you own a company or establishment, you could make it more like a star CSR company. Day 11will be called, “An economical bike ride.”



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